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Are you looking for a better job with a good salary? Are you struggling to increase your family income? Do you think its hard to get a job abroad? Do you feel confused about getting a job abroad? You are absolutely in the right page! Cheers Employment Limited is a solution for you!

There are many domestic helper employment agencies in Hong Kong. However, choosing the right one is quite confusing. The right step for you to choose a trusted agency is to apply with us!

Cheers Employment is a professional domestic service employment agency in Hong Kong that facilitate domestic helpers to get the right employment. We have a very good reputation and excellent service skills, since we have more than 10 years experience in running the business and we have conducted domestic helper recruitment to over 10.000 families in Hong Kong. We have strong agency network as we cooperate with reputable training centers overseas to provide training, practice and recruitment.

Cheers Employment provides comprehensive foreign domestic helper trainings and consultation services in Hong Kong to improve your quality of work. Since we understand that the new recruited domestic helpers need to learn and adjust the work culture in Hong Kong. We are responsible to assist you!

Cheers Employment are fully licensed and accredited by Hong Kong Labor Department. In addition, we have accreditation from labor department in Philippines and Indonesia.

What are benefits of working in Hong Kong as domestic helper?

  • Working in Hong Kong can help you to earn more compare to working in your country of origin, especially if you don’t have high education background.
  • It helps you to increase your family income, so you can save more money and plan a better life in the future.
  • Working in Hong Kong helps you to improve your skills and knowledge, be more initiative and independent.
  • Working Hong Kong is save because the government is really concerned about regulations in providing legal protection to domestic workers.
  • It is so fun to live and work in Hong Kong as you will learn the culture, language and way of life. Besides, you also can share about your culture and knowledge.
Hong Kong as domestic helper

Recruitment Process

Cheers Employment limited provides online job application that is fast and convenient. These are the recruitment process that you need to follow:

1. Apply with us

If you are looking for a new job, take 5 minutes to fill up the application form. We will be very happy to assist you.

2. Online interviews

Our professional staff will contact you for a consultation and we will match you with employers who are really suitable for your qualifications. We will arrange you to have online interview with employer.

3. Job offer

If your interview is successful, we will contact you for a job offer and process your visa. We will keep you updated throughout the whole process and let you know as soon as your visa is approved.

4. Onboarding process

You can depart to work in Hong Kong after the visa is issued. We provide domestic helper pick up service at the airport and we provide best consultation services to assist you understand your job requirements.


Qualifications needed to be domestic helper in Hong Kong

Some of you might be wondering: How to apply job as a domestic helper in Hong Kong? What are qualifications needed to be Domestic helper in Hong Kong? Cheers Employment Limited provides local and direct hire service for Philippines and Indonesians domestic helper. These are the requirements:

  • It is necessary to have 2 years experience as a domestic helper, maximum age is 40 years old, be able to speak English, Mandarin or Cantonese.
  • Prepare some documents for the application: Active passport that the expiration date is not less than 6 months, personal identity, birthday certificate, diploma or graduation letter, marriage/ divorce certificate, parental or husband’s permission letter and previous employment visa.
  • It takes 3–4 months visa approval for overseas applicants and it takes 1–2 months visa approval for local applicants.

Tips for applying as a domestic helper without experiences

If you really want to work abroad but you really have no experience. Then this post are just prefect for you as we will guide you to have more insight on how you can apply a domestic helper job even without experience.

Those who wish to work as a domestic helper, preparation is really important before you step up to the next stage. Talk with your parents and your spouse to get permission and support from them. Make some preparations and be ready mentally and physically by maintaining your health.

It is required for you to undergo the training provided, practice and participate in recruitment process. Since the training and practice will give you knowledge and self confidence. Then you need to prepare all the documents needed to apply for a domestic helper in Hong Kong.

how to apply for unexperienced

How to pass the interview for non-experienced applicants

Even if you don’t have actual work experience as a domestic helper, you still can cite the relevant job experiences to convince the employer that you are capable of performing a domestic helper work. For instance, if you have previous experience as a teacher, you can cite that you are good in handling kids or interacting with young learners. Moreover, if you are a mother, you can explain that you are experienced in multitasking activities such as nurturing newborn baby as well as doing the household.

Also if there have been instances that you are able to resolve a difficult situation at work, it is important to mention as information and relate to the job you are applying for during the interview. For example if there was any accident or disaster happened, tell the employer that you are experienced to overcome by making a good decision or handling injury by giving the first aid during the emergency.

Another thing that is worth to mention is that if you get a job offer as an elderly care. Mention that you are experienced in taking care of a sick or an elderly family member. Explain how you take care of elderly family members, providing assistance, cooking, helping them doing exercise and maintaining their health. It will enhance your profile and open more possibilities of working in a household with elderly family member.

During the interview, you should make a good impression by showing positive attitude, being active and enthusiastic, so employer can see how interested and prepared you are in the way you answer their questions.

How to pass the interview for experienced domestic helper

It is an advantage for you if you already have work experience as a domestic helper because employers prefer to hire those with previous experiences as domestic helper either in Philippines or Indonesia.

During the interview, it is important to answer all questions enthusiastically and professionally to ensure the employer that you are reliable and capable of performing role as a domestic helper. Highlights useful skills, achievements and relevant experiences as this is your strategy to win the interview.

how to apply for experienced